CERTIFICATION – What does it mean?

CPR Designation – a Certified Public Relations Practitioners are those who earned a certified practitioners. This is a voluntary certification program for public relations professionals that is administered by LSP PRI an authorized Indonesian certification body. It is Indonesian only public relations and communications certification program authorized by Indonesian National Certification Agency (BNSP).

Competence test – The program involves all aspect of evaluation of the skills, knowledge and competencies needed to practice public relations at junior/intermediary PR and at junior and senior executive level and establishes standards for professional practices. It measures public relations experiences and strategic thinking, not specific formal academic knowledge, however it is necessary to have a knowledge foundation of public relations theory to achieve a certification.

Ethical practice – a successful candidate will also need to demonstrate an understanding of ethical practice of public relations. A guidance of which can be found in the code of ethic of Indonesian Public Relations Association (PERHUMAS) and the Coordinating Body of Government Public Relations (BAKOHUMAS)

CERTIFICATION and CPR Designation – Why is important in today challenges faces by PR practitioners?

Earning the CPR (stand for Certified Public Relations Practitioners) demonstrates professionalism and is tangible evidence to your work place and community that you have demonstrated a high level of knowledge, skills, attitude as a major driver for abilities to practices public relations and communication at your work place. It will be a reason why many organization including the government entities and corporations will specifically look for public relations professional with the CPR designation.

The founder of LSP PRI has developed the Public Relations Competence Standard (SKKNI Public Relations) that sets international benchmark standards for public relations professionals.

The Public Relations Certification Scheme developed by LSP PRI is a distinctive recognition for PR professionals who have demonstrated strategic thinking, broad knowledge and experience in the field, and at the same time exhibited high standards of professionalism, commitment to the profession and code of ethics.

For further details please see: (Skema Sertifikasi Public Relations Indonesia, Panduan Mutu LSP PRI)

Eligibility and Registration

Steps in Getting Certification

Candidates are required to attend an interview cum chat session with LSP PRI Certified Assessor. The aim of the session is to validate and affirm the candidate’s public relations skills and professionalism and particularly to be familiar with the LSP PRI Certification Scheme.

LSP PRI has developed a Public Relations Certification Scheme (Skema Sertifikasi Public Relations Indonesia) in summary the following are requirements:

  • Be employed in public relations position minimum for 2 years
  • Adequate knowledge in public relations
  • Acknowledged ethical practical standard

The question of eligible and readiness comes up repeatedly, yet at some point in time, most of us want to see how our skills measure up on national or even international scale. The LSP PRI certified assessor has prepared a tool for initial interview to help you decide to proceed for certification.

Unsuccessful Applicants

For applicants whom the LSP PRI Certified Assessor who conducted an interview feels lack the experience and competence to be certified, a feedback and suggestion report will be sent to the applicant. These applicants may appeal to LSP PRI in writing, within two months from the date of notice. The LSP PRI Committee will review the applicant’s results and his/her eligibility and will advise it outcome.


For initial interview please click here for a copy of the Application Form (Formulir Pendaftaran) To find out more information on the Certification Scheme, please contact us.

PR practitioners who have successfully completed the certification process and is decided by LSP PRI Committee that is competence, will be entitled to a CPR (Certified Public Relations Practitioners) and are authorized to use the CPR designation.